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Pottery and Gallery
De Olde Kruyk

Our studio is located 20 km. south of Nijmegen on the N271 in the village of Milsbeek near the german border.
Earthenware from the 17 th. and 18 th. century show a very suitable clay in this region for magnificent slibware.
 Pots and bedpans, but also wonderful 70 cm. marriage-dishes can be seen in all museums between
Gennep and Cologne.
 Although we import our clay from the Westerwald(salt-stoneware) region in Germany,
 North-Limburg is still the region  in Holland with one of the most versitile collections of potters
with different styles of work.

Our studio was established as a potteru in 1936 by Peter Linders and Wim Jansen.
 Throwing some 1800 flowerpots a day (each thrower) soon became boring so they turned to decorated flowervases
and dinnerware sets after WW II know in the region as "Limburgs Bont": multi coloured majolica earthenware.

After moving our pottery "Tierlantijn"to "De Olde Kruyk"  in 1987 we set about rebuild the ruins
we had bought to what it is today.

In our garden a large- jar collection can be seen. These are saltfired stoneware vessels used
for acids, jams and better still: distilleries like jenever. They were made in about 1880.

Our pottery/studio/gallery:

We also sell old jars from mediterrranian countries ( 80 to 200 years old), earthenware from Afrika
and West-African masks from Senegal too Cameroen.

Our own teapot collection by international well known ceramists and the african Gelede-masks
create a museum-like atmosphere in our studio.

And as you can see for yourself, even the squirrel in our garden
uses our ceramics.

You're welcome to visit our studio. We'd be delighted to meet you.
Guul Jacobs and Fransje van Keulen